Pros and Cons of Art Therapy

Possible risks of therapy

During the course of therapy, some people may have emotional responses and reactions that are unfamiliar and may be difficult to experience. The emotional discomfort that may be caused by therapy is usually temporary and will ultimately diminish in time. There is no guarantee as to the outcome of therapy and some people may even experience no improvement or even think things are worse.

Possible benefits of therapy

• Develop balance, harmony and joy in your life.

• Develop understanding about yourself and make changes to create the life you want

• Develop healthy interactions with others and enjoy more satisfying relationships

• Resolve conflicts in personal relationships

• Learn new skills to combat depression, anxiety and stress

• Develop understanding and acceptance of yourself

• Develop better communication skills

• Develop better parenting skills

• Learn to manage your emotions, including anger, sadness and worry

• Feel good about yourself and your accomplishments

• Adjust to life transitions more easily

• Live a more wholehearted life with courage, compassion and connection

Creativity From Within. Art Psychotherapy

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