I Will Only Accept Third Party Referrals

“Nothing is easy for the unwilling.”

Due to a very high amount of phone calls from individuals, who do not want me to contact their G.P. or named person in charge of their care, I have decided to only take referrals from registered professionals (care/healthcare/educational etc.)

I must be able to communicate with the registered professionals, either by phone, personal visit, online via email or video conferencing, by post, or any other reasonable method of communication. If I am invited to a multidisciplinary meeting, I will endeavor to attend. If repert writing is required by the team, I will carry this out.

It cannot be stressed enough that I have a duty of care and I must follow rules of the Health, Care and Professions Council. I must be in communication with a named professional, even if it is to simply let them know that you are in therapy. I MUST work in conjunction with other professionals and organisations, for your own safety.

I feel that third party referrals  is the safest option for everyone concerned, including myself.

If you are not willing to have me communicate with your health care professional, you are within your rights to say so, but therapy CANNOT commence.

Thank you for your understanding

Monica Gobourne

Willingness is being open to your own experience as it is. Working with your experience directly. Exploring your experience without changing or manipulating it, trying to avoid or escape it. We do not have to like our experiences, want them or approve of our experiences.

We need to develop a willingness to reflect upon our life, our experiences, our deepest fears, shame, or guilt. A willingness to let ourselves truly be seen.

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