Dual Relationships

The co-existence of  personal and professional relationship for Art Therapists can and do happen at times

A dual relationship is one where your personal life coincides with the professional relationship you have with your Art Therapist. Not all dual relationships are a problem and they can’t always be avoided. If you happen to meet your Art Therapist in some other capacity – for example because you live locally or know some of the same people – your Art Therapist will keep appropriate boundaries and will not let it be known that you are their client. Dual relationships can impair/affect my ability to carry out my role as an Art Therapist in a negative way, if I do not take the time and effort to monitor such a relationship.

My relationship with the client is a WORKING, PROFESSIONAL relationship and must be maintained at all times. I also must not get emotionally involved with the client.

I must carry out the following in order to stop well intentions leading to harm

  • Set healthy boundaries from the outset
  • Secure informed consent in all areas of Art Therapy
  • Consult all dilemmas and blind spots with other professionals
  • Any dual relationship must be documented
  • Refer the client on to another therapist or professional service if the relationship requires it
  • Examine my own motives for being in a dual relationship (Who benefits from this relationship, and why?)

I must prevent the following

  • Loss of my professional effectiveness
  • Loss of my professional objectivity
  • Loss of my professional competence
  • Harm to the client

A good relationship ALWAYS creates an ‘US’ without destroying a ‘ME’

Dual relationships can even harm the the client in such a way that can bring about damage to them. Boundary crossing by the Therapist can occur when she crosses the line of decency, for example, violation or exploitation of her clients.

However, sexual involvement between therapist and client is NEVER part of the Art Therapy process as well as other actions or dual relationship situations that might impair your Art Therapist’s objectivity, clinical judgment, or therapeutic effectiveness or that could be exploitative in nature.

Home visits, Therapist self-disclosure, non-sexual touch, gifts from clients are areas where dual relationships can start.

In addition, they will never acknowledge working therapeutically with anyone without his/her written permission other than in the rare circumstances outlined in our privacy statement. In some instances, even with permission, your Art Therapist, Monica Gobourne, Creativity From Within will preserve the integrity of the working relationship.

I am Self-employed and will not employ/recruit as I am self sufficient. I do not take on volunteers.

Gift giving is prohibited.

Deliberate touching is prohibited

For this reason, your Art Therapist will not accept any invitations via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Pinterest, nor will they respond to blogs written by clients or accept comments on any blog or public website affiliated to Creativity From Within Art Therapy or herself personally from clients.

Monica Gobourne will not enter into personal (dual) relationships with clients outside of her Art  Psychotherapy services. This boundary continues even after counseling is terminated. This is an ethical obligation that benefits you by allowing me to serve as a therapist rather than a friend.

I do not initiate contact with clients in public places or communicate online or through social networking sites to protect this boundary and your confidentiality. Occasionally, I may share some of my experiences in sessions when it may be beneficial, but my focus will be on your experiences.

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Thank you for your interest in Art Therapy.

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