Art Therapy Referrals from GP Practices & Health Professionals

Art Therapy Taster Session, August 2018
Art Therapy Taster Session. August 2018

People may be referred to Art Therapy for a wide range of issues. It is a creative way of looking at root issues in a persons life. This form of therapy embraces non-verbal communication, so there is less pressure to talk to the therapist. Discussion is encouraged where possible. Art Therapy is not a cure. It does help people to look at things differently and develop over time another way of facing issues. Art Therapy a way of giving choice to an individual. 

Art Therapy is not a walk in the park! It is challenging and painful at times and the client is encouraged to attend the sessions though the painful times.

Motivation and willingness to embrace change are pretty good indicators for a referral. These qualities offer good outcomes. 

Short term work usually assists with specific issues. If a person has complex needs the work will need to be longer. Depending on the issues presented Sessions can last up to a year, ongoing support may be necessary if there is a higher degree of distress.

Please feel free to navigate my site and pass the information onto your clients. I have a downloadable brochure here on this link.  I am a Private Practitioner, so clients will be paying for the sessions. If they have some form of social payment that may cover the cost, this needs to be explored thoroughly, before therapy begins.

If you have a number of people coming to your service that could benefit from Art Therapy, please feel free to contact me. If you are a service provider such as a G.P, Psychiatrist, Social Worker, or Clergy I will contact you to let you know that the person has accepted and taking part in Art Therapy. If the sessions are terminate in any way, again you will be notified. The person being referred MUST have a General Practitioner. this is in line with the code of ethics I follow as an Art Therapist registered with the Health, Care and Professions Council. If the person is cared for by an organisation, then the person in charge/lead will be contacted.

Please let the person you are referring know about confidentiality

Who knows that I am doing Art Therapy? (Confidentiality) 

Art Therapy is private within the health team unless you or someone you know is unsafe and have been or are at risk of being hurt. We will talk to you about this when we meet. While you do Art Therapy your work will be kept in a safe place and is looked after by the Art Therapist. 

When you have finished working with an Art Therapist you can keep your Art work or it can be stored for up to 3 years at the centre after this is will be safely disposed of. 

The person who has referred you and your G.P., parents or carers will know you have been offered Art Therapy. 

Your Art Therapist will have supervision with another professional in their team, to make sure that they are helping you in the best way they can. If other professionals work with you we may all meet to make sure we are all working together to help you and your family.

You can tell people you are doing Art Therapy if you want to. 

You can call Monica Gobourne on: 07762782114 

I have a contact form here

The person can refer themselves on here, if they wish.

I will need permission from the person before I can contact you. This permission will be sought from the person, and I will then get in touch to let you know the outcome of the referral.

Here is a good article from the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust website

Effectiveness of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy on chronic issues

Art therapy is now recognized within the National Institute of Clinical and Health Excellence (NICE) guidelines as a recommended treatment method for some mental health conditions. The evidence shows that art therapy is beneficial to people with schizophrenia: with“improvements in mental health and social functioning” and “with a greater impact on negative symptoms which tend to be less responsive to antipsychotic medication” (Crawford & Patterson, 2007).

“Arts therapies appear to be popular with patients and may result in improved mental health, especially reductions in negative and general symptoms of schizophrenia, which are those least responsive to pharmacological interventions” (Crawford & Patterson, 2007).


Creativity From Within. Art Psychotherapy

Thank you for your interest in Art Therapy.

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